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- Testimony -

[from 2018 YTT graduates ]


Cat sarsfield - london, Uk

If you are looking to be broken open, to connect deeply with yourself and others, to learn about learning as much as you learn about teaching; to discover your voice and your power, to meet soulmates and lifelines who will hold space for you in ways you can't imagine, and to become a teacher in the truest sense of the word: a human of the world who accepts themselves and others, who is open to the world, who is sensitive and strong and who uses the practice of yoga as a platform to bring people together... then yes, this training is for you. 

Ash and Al are the most incredible mentors, the most powerful teacher and the most wonderful humans. What they have taught me through our YTT (and beyond) transcends yoga - it is immeasurable and it is infinite. 

As a group, we connected with each other and learned how to dig deep into our truest selves, both good and bad, coming out the other side with a better understanding of how we operate in the world, our purpose as teachers, and the skills to impart this knowledge and wisdom. 

We taught from day one; we were thrown into this practice and it was the most important way of us learning how to tap into our voice and how to eliminate those fears of not being enough. 

I wouldn't have done any other training. I believe that this YTT has produced some of the most unique and special teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. 


YTT with Ashley and Ally was the most important decision I've made for myself. I came in nervous and quiet, and left with many friends, a new perspective and a new voice to bring into my everyday life. It created a safe environment to express myself, speak my truth and share my experiences. This training was more than yoga, it was personal development, an undoing of society's conditioning. I left with a new understanding of my passions and a support group of amazing humans to lean on.